Why Is the American Flag Important?

Published: 19th May 2010
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When we talk about American flag, it has always been associated with 'Old Glory' and 'Starry Banner'. This flag is the most respectable and it is recognized throughout the world. Why? The answer is simply because United States is categorized as one of the most powerful and dominant countries from the past history. From the history itself, all the leaders have worked with full dedication and determination to bring independence to United States and to become a respected country to its nation. Until today, it is said that the national flag, American flag is one of the most valuable asset for the States. The design of American flag is simple. In the flag itself, there are 50 stars that represent all different states in US. All the states that joined the Union are represented by the 13 stripes.

So, why is the American flag important?

We have heard around how great is United States in the history from the day the got the Declaration of Independence in 1776. This has given a freedom to the States from the British rules. Since then, the American flag became important to indicate an independent government. It has been spelled out clearly under the United States Constitutions. The flag becomes important to show the pride and joy of United States. All the important elements such as liberty, righteousness, pride, fairness are carried along together in the flag. Besides all these, it also signifies the leaders' effort, sweat, blood and tears contributed for the success of United States.

The American flag survived in the two World Wars for more than 200 years. The flag is used is a lot of wars as a symbol for unity and fight till the last drop. When the flag is raised, it symbolizes the US pride and winning.

This American flag is flown only on specific events such as Memorial Day, Veteran Day, Independence Day and Flag Day to show its importance. Flag Day is the day when American flag is first accepted. This flag is also displayed throughout the year at the White House in Washington, the Nashville City Cemetery, the Washington Monument and the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial.

The American flag is important to the nation as it keeps all the history of the States. The people of United States are proud of their flag as it symbolizes winning. Today, American flag is respected everywhere especially during international tournaments and competitions.

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