Why is Medical Coding and Billing Certification So Important?

Published: 11th August 2010
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With majority of the population ageing the demand for healthcare facilities is on a rise. Medical coding and billing services are becoming one of the fastest growing career choices in the healthcare industry. A person can get certified by completing the required course work and then passing the certification exam.

With more and more people getting involved in this field employers are now interested in hiring only those individuals who have some form of medical coding and billing certification. Also it is advisable to obtain the certification through an accredited institution. Various institutions have different types of certifications available. Therefore, it is always better to check with your instructor the type of certification you will get. Medical billers and coders are an inherent part of any health organization. They are responsible for managing and submitting insurance claim documents of a patient to the insurance companies. After the patient has received the treatment they then process the code of the claims so that the hospitals can get the money they spent on the treatment.

Having a medical coding and billing certification has its inherent advantages. A certification would open up new career opportunities for you. Even the U.S government says that every person in the line of medical coding and billing should have certification. Being certified also increases your earning potential to a great extent. An inexperienced medical coder and biller would get somewhere around $8 to $10 whereas an inexperienced certified medical coder and biller could get around $16 to $18.

Most of the certification programs can be completed within a time span of one year. Also the actual time depends upon the type of course chosen. No matter what the course is a medical coding and billing certification must be accredited to American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

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