Which ear can most people hear best with?

Published: 20th May 2010
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The human body is made up of numerous organs. It is so unique in a sense that, with the aid of the organs, it functions better and more efficiently with age and training, and begins to deteriorate with ageing.

To understand certain practices, beliefs and convention, a recap of some Biology lessons is needed. The human brain controls the functions of all other organs that make up the human body; this includes the ear - used for hearing. Good hearing is simply being able to interpret accurately, the sound vibrations/signals that the ears send to the brain.

Handedness is one of the theories that can be used to explain which ears most people hear best with. For example, survey and research has suggested that right-handed people hear best with their left ears and left-handed people with their left. This is not very far from the fact.

As humans have two ears, the functions of hearing and deciphering vibrations depends on what kind of vibrations is picked up.

The human brain is divided into two parts, the left and right hemispheres. Science proves that the act of deciphering sound vibrations is shared by the two hemispheres. For instance, the part of the brain that deals speech vibrations and repeated sounds is the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere deciphers tones.

This probably explains the convention that the right ear listens to music best and the left ears takes care of speech.

With this knowledge, to answer the question 'which ears can most people hear best with?' it is generally dependent on the vibrations that the ears are picking up.

As mentioned earlier, the human organs can be abused or trained to perform better with practice, habits, environment, etc. thus, the person might think that either ear functions better over the other due to these factors. For instance:

A person that is used to answering telephone calls with the left ears might feel that he or she hears telephone conversations better with the left ears. To those that live or work in a loud environment, they might inadvertently be training either ear to filter off certain vibrations over time, hence; this might result in either ears performing better or worse and give the person the impression that he/she is hearing best in a certain ear.

Another factor that affects which ear people hear best with is age. The trend is that with old age, people lose their ability to hear efficiently. This can be a function of damage or wear and tear done to either ear over a period of time.

Which ear can most people hear best with? It might just be case of whichever ear is turned towards the sound vibrations. It could also boil-down to choice, you choose!

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