What are the Reasons Why Did China Invade Tibet

Published: 19th May 2010
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The motive why did China invade Tibet is unclear as of now. Groups from China, Tibet, and other parts of the world are still debating over the said issue and arguing about who's supposed to govern Tibet. Opinions are still varied and they have to trace back a couple of information in the past before giving out their points of views.

It was said that during the 12th century, both Britain and Russia were trying to invade Central Asia. Eventually, in 1904, after sending thousands of troops in Tibet and killing civilians in the region, the British governed Tibet. Two years after, China made a deal with Britain. The latter was given 2 million rupees so that China can gain control of Tibet, which they claim is already theirs even from the beginning. Up to this day, China still insists that Tibet is theirs and the word "invade" is not appropriate on what they are doing to the land.

By 1912, the leader of Tibet, Dalai Lama, returned as soon as his exile ended. From 1912 up to 1949, there is a lot of chaos happening in China since the Qing dynasty also disintegrated. A couple of Chinese troops were ordered to have their post in Tibet. Unfortunately, the locals defeated these Chinese troops thus, the independence was proclaimed by Dalai Lama.

From the point of view of the Tibetan, when China ruled Tibet the land experienced racial inequalities, depressed economy and social deprivation as well. They do not want China to acquire Tibet as their own because China would only let their locals occupy the lands in Tibet. They say that this is the main reason why did China invade Tibet. Their own culture will die as well as the Chinese would try to incorporate their own culture among Tibetans if the China invasion will still push through.

But if you would ask the people from China, they say otherwise. Beijing authorities that Tibet's economic growth already depreciated since 1912 until 1949. It was actually them who gave liberation to the Tibetans which were the result of incompetent leadership. Tibetans should actually be thankful to the efforts made by China. From them, the people in Tibet have an improved way of living. There were more infrastructures and salaries increased as well. And although Tiber experienced something they call as "China invasion", China claimed that they do not have any intention of destroying the cultures of the Tibetans. Instead, they want to preserve it and make it as one of the historical spots in the country.

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