Treating Rosacea during Pregnancy: General Things to Consider

Published: 03rd June 2010
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Pregnancy is a time when your body undergoes a lot of changes and if you have Rosacea it could increase during pregnancy. Although, Rosacea does not have any effect on your pregnancy, but it is important that you refrain from consuming pills that are used to control the redness and flushing. However; this will in turn increase the redness and inflammation of Rosacea hence natural methods of controlling should be exercised.

Hormonal changes affect the body during pregnancy and this can bring issues of changes in skin condition. The good news here is that these changes are just until pregnancy and will return to normalcy once the pregnancy term is over. Make sure you consult a doctor before consuming any oral medications that are used to control redness since it could have adverse affects on the baby's growth and other complications.

The easiest way to treat Rosacea during pregnancy is to drink lots of water to flush out toxins and cleanse the body. A balanced diet can also help during pregnancy; fresh fruits and vegetables with cereals and whole-grain breads, food high in protein, milk and milk products should also be included in your daily diet. Spicy food, alcohol or hot stuff should be avoided at all cost. Stress can aggravate Rosacea hence keep a happy disposition and stay away from factors that lead to stress. Wash your face regularly with cold water and a face-wash or medicated soap at least 3 to 4 times a day.

Herbal methods of treating Rosacea are advised during pregnancy. Oatmeal and yogurt can be mixed as a paste and added to the affected areas, you can also add a few drops of tea tree oil which has antibacterial properties that can alleviate Rosacea to a certain extent. Turmeric is a proven antiseptic and it can be substituted instead of tea tree oil. Alternatively one can use eucalyptus oil or clove oil or even extracts of basil to help relieve the redness during pregnancy. Honey with mashed ripe tomatoes can also help in easing the redness caused by Rosacea; however, remember to remove all the seeds and puree the tomatoes well before applying to the skin. Pregnancy is a period when you need to enjoy motherhood do not let minor problems like Rosacea spoil your experience.

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