Top Reasons Why Do People Volunteer

Published: 19th May 2010
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While others spend their time drinking and partying, there are some who gives their spare time to charity works volunteering. Some might ask "Why do people volunteer when in fact that they not actually earn anything from it?"

You can have thousands of reasons for helping other people with their charity works. Some actually think of this as an exchange for something they might need in the future. One of the benefits of volunteering is that you can get immediate help in case you also ask for assistance. People who usually volunteer today were the ones who needed medical assistance couple of weeks ago.

Another reason why some people love to volunteer is that they want to make a change in the community. More often than not, you can hear rants that they want something to be done with the crimes and health services in their society. Unfortunately, most of them do not even bother to spend time to help improve the society. They just want to depend on what the authorities and the officials can do. On the other hand, those who volunteer are making changes in the society without waiting for the authorities. They think of it as their responsibility to their community. By doing so, it would not help them make their lives and their family's lives better. It would also allow them to improve other people's lives at the same time.

There are so many more motivations that would let these volunteers continue their work. After the work, they gain this fulfillment or satisfaction especially when helping others. This satisfaction may come from a lot of factors such as religious beliefs, sharing their skills, to grow as an individual, to learn something new every day and so many others.

You might be wondering why do people volunteer especially those who are single, widow, or someone who lives by his or herself. Sometimes, this is just their way to keep them preoccupied instead of wasting their time doing nonsensical activities. It can also set as a therapy especially for those who are trying to recover from addiction, death of a loved one, or from a medical condition. Those who have emotional problems or stressful lives are using these activities to be their escape as well from all the things that were bothering them. By helping others and being with others, they can get different points of views. It helps them to clear their minds and gain new perspectives.

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