The Types of Dog Muzzles

Published: 20th August 2010
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A dog muzzle is a device that restricts the movements of a dog's mouth. Although giving a dog its freedom would seem like an act of kindness, there are instances when dog muzzles are necessary. In turn, such instances categorize the types of dog muzzles available; one is the safety muzzle, while the other is the agitation muzzle.

The uses of these two types of dog muzzles lie in their names. As the name suggests, the purpose of the safety muzzle is to ensure safety of both the dog and the people around it. On the other hand, agitation muzzles are used in aggressive, rough wear-and-tear situations.

Safety muzzles basically help prevent dogs from nuisance behavior such as biting and barking. A walk in the park may not be as relaxing if you would have to worry about your untrained dog biting other people or animals. You might also worry about what they might pick up with their mouths, which could be extremely problematic for the dog if they consumed it. Or if you would need to bring your injured dog to the vet, a stressed dog can easily snap at other people or animals that get in their way. All these are examples of situations where a dog that is not muzzled may end up using its teeth. With safety muzzles on, such problems can be minimized.

In contrast, the agitation muzzle is much sturdier than the safety muzzle as it is designed to be used in aggressive situations. They are usually used during the trainings of police service dogs. As trainings tend to have rewards and punishments, these dogs are given treats for doing a job well done. Hence, the agitation muzzle is designed to allow dogs to move their mouths within the constraints, where they can bark, bite and chew, and is more ideal if worn for more long hours. This muzzle also protects and safeguards the people and other dogs during the training as they would be in adrenaline-filled activities that may lead to accidental biting. It is also used during evaluations of potential service dogs, whether they exhibit certain behavior under certain conditions.

To make sure you get the right muzzle for your dog, always check its packaging information, or inquire from the salesperson. You would not want to end up buying the wrong type of muzzle for the use you have in mind.

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