The Discovery Of Heart Disease

Published: 30th May 2010
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During the ancient times, most people used the magic or occult practices to deal with diseases or medical problems. Yet there were records that the Egyptians have basic knowledge of treating diseases. Hence an Egyptian could probably be the first who discovered heart disease.

For countless centuries, the scientist and researches have come to realize the importance of the cardiovascular organ. They had made efforts to figure out the various heart diseases. However no one person could get credited for the discovery of heart disease as there are numerous types and each was practically founded by different person. For instance, in the year 1779, Caleb Parry was accredited for discovering the angina pectoris. He discovered that this disease was caused by the obstruction in the coronary artery.

Then there was Georg Ebers who discovered a 20-page long scroll of hieratic Egyptian inscription in Thebes during 1873 to 1874. This inscription was a medical data record made and kept by the Egyptians in the year 1550 B. C. Among the records of data was the way to detect heart failure. Ebers Papyrus revealed a complete knowledge of the Egyptians about the fundamentals of heart failures and diseased enclosed with simple means on treating them. He made descriptions on several heart diagnoses he obtained from the Egyptians' reference, who could have been the unknown person who discovered heart disease.

There were also references of patients with weak hearts, a hole in the heart, dysfunction of the cardiovascular organ and fluid retention due to malfunction of the heart. With this abundant of cardiac knowledge found, it is sufficient to assume that an Egyptian was the first heart doctor; although no one could name the person.

Another piece of historical record was founded by Edwin Smith. It was a 5-meter long record on the medical surgery in Egypt including chest surgery. Furthermore, Homer, in his book "Odyssey" stated that Egyptians were more skillful in medicine compared to other civilizations. This further supports the assumption that Egyptian was the person who discovered heart disease.

Later on in the year 1910, A. Windaus was the first scientist to reveal the discovery about atheromatous lesions having contained six times denser of cholesterol than normal artery walls. Another scientist, Anichkov, was accredited in 1913 for being the founder of cholesterol. The discovery of cholesterol was said to be one of the major discoveries in medicine field, exposing the fact that arthrosclerosis is caused by cholesterol. But it was Konrad Bloch who found out how cholesterol is made in human's body during 1940s.

The discovery of good cholesterol, now known as HDL, was made by Dr. Donald S. Frederickson. Nevertheless, it was the American doctor, John William Gofman who discovered that cholesterol was the primary cause of coronary heart disease.

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