The Benefits of a Simple Scanning Tool - Scandisk

Published: 30th April 2010
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Scandisk is one of the many types of tools for maintenance that can be found in any operating system itself, for example Windows. This application is usually used to check the computer's hard drive for any errors or bad sectors. If it encounters an error in the drive, it will attempt to repair it.
There are a few common reasons that caused these errors in the hard drives. One of them is when the system often met with system crashes. On the other hand, if there are any important system applications that have not been properly closed. Another clear case is when the system has been infected by threatening programs such as viruses, backdoor Trojans and many more.
The Scandisk program will check the hard drives for any defects in the platters. The platters which are round and flat steel plates act as the data storage location. Furthermore, it will also extend the checking to all the file systems found in the computer as well. This includes FAT32, FAT, NTFS and so on. When it comes across any lost or bad sectors, it will have them fixed up immediately.
Once the scanning process has been completed, there will be a report containing the result of the scan being generated. The report consists of the types of errors that have been found and the total amount of disk space scanned. Hence, it is recommendable for users to execute the Scandisk program on their hard drives as frequent as possible to prevent any data corruption occurrence in the future. Besides, a good practice of this gives a warrant that one's computer will be able to perform at the optimum level at all time.
The earliest version of this program can be found in MS DOS 6.2. In is then upgraded in Windows 95 and 98 when it was given a full face-lift and appears in a Graphical User Interface (GUI) environment.

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