Make Your Own Large Dog Muzzle

Published: 20th August 2010
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Most dog muzzles could be purchased from the stores. It is more dependable and serves the purpose of preventing your dog from injuring others or biting whatever you do not intend it to. However if you find yourself in times of emergency where the dog is injured and could not find a muzzle, it is helpful for you to learn to make one that could be used temporal period. Let us specify that it will be intended for a large dog as an example to explain how to make your own large dog muzzle.

You need to get for a homemade large dog muzzle are some thin nylon strips. If there is none, try getting item like nylon pantyhose, necktie, belts, strips of cloth or cords. You need to make sure this is cut to around two feet long in length. Tie a knot in the middle of the strip or any item you chose to use. Then make a big loop which will be enough space to fit and slip over the dog's nose and mouth. After that, stand behind your pet. Gently and slowly slip the loop over its nose or snout as not to shock the dog. Ensure that the loop will not lie on the nose part as it will disturb the breathing. Put it to be closer to the eyes part. Pull both ends of the strip down under the chin part. Then try to tie a knot but not too tight that it makes the dog feels discomfort. Wrap it around the mouth a few times and bring the ends behind the ears. Tie a bow behind the head. If you tie a knot it may takes longer time to untie it in cases you need to remove it quickly.

This homemade muzzle is not meant to replace the normal ones which you could buy. It is a suggestion and idea for emergency usage only. For day to day usage, this homemade muzzle would not be functioning well to prevent biting and chewing.

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