Leather EZ Pass Holder Adds Class To Your Car

Published: 31st August 2010
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Most drivers are utterly dissatisfied with the unsightly look of the EZ pass hence the thought of purchasing an EZ pass cover to hold the case and make it look more pleasing. There are plenty of options and designs when it comes to the holder. One of the manufacturers, Tonic Concepts, came up with their product of T Case. It is an innovative design of leather case specifically developed to be the holder of the transponder. Besides adding sparks to the look of the originally boring transponder, it also delivers trend and luxury to the look of one's vehicle.
The leather EZ pass holder by Tonic Concept can add smoothness and bring shine to the look of the transponder. This T case is specially design to encase the EZ pass tag luxuriously cool on the windshield. It will fit perfectly into the cover and aside from its high versatility; the case is also patented for use on dashboards, if drivers do not fancy having blemish on their car windshields. This allows drivers to remove the tag from their vehicles and switch to other vehicles easily.
Apart from that, the EZ pass cover produced by Tonic Concepts also comes with a non-slip pad and a black Velcro. Drivers can have flexibility in terms of the positioning of the transponder. If they decide to position the tag on the windshield, they can also enjoy the feature of the non-slip pad to hold their keys and mobile phones.
With the introduction of the leather EZ pass holder, many drivers are now expressing gratitude that despite the several downsides of the invention, there are now solutions to these problems. The T case has been specially designed to address the problem of the dull looking transponder. The T case is the sole first leather case invented and the only product undergone tests to perform well with the vehicle's dashboard. It is obvious to conclude that the T case is a brilliant choice for drivers who wish to cover up their EZ pass.

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