Leading Causes Of High SGPT

Published: 30th May 2010
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Serum Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase, or more commonly known as SGPT, is a naturally occurring enzyme in our bodies and is normally found in liver and heart cells. Being an enzyme, its function is to assist in more efficient means on the usage of energy when generating chemical reactions in our bodies. In other words, it speeds up the process and uses less energy. Since enzymes exist throughout the body, it is normal to see their presence in our blood test results. However, elevated levels of certain enzymes are cause for concern as they may indicate problems in our general health or even regions related to specific enzymes.

There are some possibilities which may cause a high SGPT level in a blood test result. Since SGPT is present in the liver and heart, the hepatic and cardiac regions are the first to look into. When cells in these 2 organs are damaged, SGPT is released into the bloodstream thus resulting in elevated levels of this enzyme.

Although the occasional drinks and cocktails are considered acceptable practices after work and in dinner parties, social drinking can easily escalate into more excessive drinking habits without exercising proper control. The trend with bad eating habits is steadily growing with processed foods which are easily accessible in the mainstream. These types of foods tend to have low nutritional value, high fat and sodium content. High amounts of alcohol and fat coupled together put an inordinate strain on the liver. Long periods of abuse will eventually cause permanent damage to the organ.

Damage to liver tissue can also be caused by infection due to viral hepatitis, ranging from Hepatitis A, to Hepatitis B which is more acute, or Hepatitis C which can turn chronic and possibly terminal. High intake of certain drugs may also elevate your SGPT level. Some of them comprise of common OTC (Over The Counter) drugs taken over a short term for pain relief and antibiotics, or prescription medication for long-term management of cholesterol levels, heart conditions and antidepressants.

A heart attack can also be a cause of high SGPT level as it disrupts blood flow through the liver. Certain conditions which involve infection and inflammation of the pancreas and gallbladder may also affect SGPT levels.

To detect any abnormalities in your SGPT level, it is advisable to undergo periodic medical check-ups. In doing so, other anomalies can also be spotted and you can bring up your concerns to your doctor for further action.

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