Knowing the Different Wine Types

Published: 06th May 2010
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Ever wondered what sets the red wine apart from white wines? If you are interested to become a win expert or just a simple liquor enthusiast, it would help you appreciate it more if you know the various wine types.

Different Kinds of Wine

The red wine is one of the most popular wine types in the market. The color of this is bloody red or sometimes pink, which gives it its name. It is the combination of the skin of the grapes as well as its juice. And because of the dark pigment naturally present in the skin of the fruit the red wine gets its very bold color. More often than not, people no longer store red wines in cold buckets. They prefer to serve and drink it in room temperature.

The white wine is not just actually white in color. Instead its shade ranges from soft yellow to amber. They just call it like so because you can see through the wine compared to the red wine. And because it is just made from the juice of the grapes, either light or dark grapes, the color remains subtle. This wine is best served when chilled first.

There is also the pink wine as well. This is also known as the rose or the blush wine because of its soft shade. This is created using the red grapes. However, the grape skin is just removed after the fermentation which results gives it its pink color.

However, if you want to enjoy a bubblier beverage, then you might enjoy drinking the sparkling wine. This is still a wine but it has carbon dioxide bubbles which are used in making sodas and other carbonated drinks as well. The most popular type of sparkling wine is the Champagne which is made in France.

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