Homemade Sparrow Trap: How To Make Homemade Sparrow Traps

Published: 30th May 2010
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Look out your window, go for a stroll in the park or in the streets of your town and I dare to bet you'll see these little birds flying around. You will find these creatures on every country on this earth except in Antarctica. At a glance, these birds may look harmless and rather adorable, but what may not be known to so many is this, these birds are in fact very destructive an a threat to a country's native birds. Take for example the bluebird in North America, what was once a species so many in the sky has declined to an alarming number all thanks to sparrows. These birds tend to survive at a higher rate as compared to other birds and will fight for their survival just to live. Besides being a threat, these birds carry diseases and bacteria allowing them to be given the label "pests with wings". With enough reason to support the suggestion to rid our towns of these sparrows, let us take a look at this guide on how to make a homemade sparrow trap.

The first step is to get some plywood about half an inch thick and to cut it with a saw to follow the dimensions 18" x 10" x 5" as this will be the frame for the trap. Get a plastic jug and make sure it's able to fit in the 5" width frame, if not; you can always cut the jug to make it fit. After this, get some light wood like white pine and make sure it's in the dimensions 12" Long, one and a quarter inch wide and 3/8 inches thick. Drill two 1/16 inch holes on one end of the wood and a single hole on the latter side. The two holes will be for the plastic jug and the side with the single hole will be for the 35mm film canister. The following step is to drill two 1/8 inch holes in the center of the plastic jug and screw it on, do the same with one drilled hole in the center of the film canister. Set two nails on the sides of the board then prepare a 10 inch square sheet of aluminum and drill two holes to make sure it flits the nails. Drill another hole on the bottom and place some washers on the arm, this goes into the trap itself.

Get the frame mentioned just now and drill a hole in the bracket, then place the washer there. Make sure the balance beam is in place and to make the door, cut the wood with the dimensions 18" x 10", insert the washer and the wing nut in there. Use some hinges to set the door in place on the trap. Get a board of similar size for the back part. Make a down chute by using a PVC tube with a 4 inch diameter, and then make a 1/2 hole in the trap to fit the tube.

These steps are no doubt quite a task to follow, so do make sure you know a little bit about carpentry or at least to ask someone to guide you especially the steps you're not familiar with. It may seem a little harsh and inhumane to trap these birds, but for the sake of your health, our surroundings and our native birds (especially those low in numbers), take some time out to think of how they're a bother and how making this homemade sparrow trap can help.

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