Homemade Pig Roaster: Guide on How To Make a Homemade Pig Roaster

Published: 30th May 2010
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It's summer once again, and one of the highlights during the summer months would be those backyard barbecues anticipated by you, your friends and your family. The thrill of playing backyard games, the warmness of having your loved ones around and the thought of enjoying a cool glass of O.J. and a plate of pork ribs is tantalizing. A pig roaster is a must for most of these barbeques and without one, it's almost impossible to have a fun time. For some, buying a roaster isn't a big deal but there are the few(or many) who believes that buying a pig roaster is costly and redundant because making one would be more worth it. Here's a guide to show you step by step on how to make one.

The first thing is to get a 55 gallon drum and to saw it into half horizontally and into halves with one as a pit and the other as its cover of the roaster. In order to connect the two halves, attach two metal brackets to the end of the lower half of the roaster and to the upper half of the roaster and securing the brackets by welding or with rivets, making sure it's balanced.

The next step would be to drill around 20 to 30 holes on the bottom of the lower half of the drum to ensure proper ventilation while grilling. Every roaster needs an iron bar frame to hold the charcoal. Prepare a frame of iron bars to fit into the bottom pit. If the frames are too big, you might want to cut them to fit into the roaster pit.

Seeing that the roaster is big and therefore a little difficult to carry without handles, it's advisable and definitely a whole lot easier to carry it with handles by the side. What you can do is to bend a piece of metal in the shape of a handle and to weld it to the bottom half of the roaster. Next, cut a hole on both the sides of the bottom pit because you'll need somewhere you can place the spit. The spit is a long metal stick which acts as a skewer where you'll place the whole pig or whatever it is you wish to grill. Just remember to allow the holes to be of the same diameter as the spits. After the past few steps, you have yourself a portable pig roaster, but if you wish to have something to support the roaster, get yourself some hard metal or even wood to act as legs, and to either weld(for the hard metal) or to secure with rivets(for the wood)to the bottom pit.

By now, after following these steps on how to make a homemade pig roaster, you're probably feeling a little tired and hungry. So, get the bacon out, start grilling and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

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