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Published: 20th August 2010
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Different dogs have different shapes and sizes. Getting a good dog muzzle would require you to not only find the proper material it is made of, you would also need to find the right size for them. However, when they think they have got the right size, people still do end up being surprised that their judgments were slightly off, where it would be either too short on one end, or too small a fit. This article hopes to enlighten you with the correct way to find the right dog muzzle size.

What you will need would be a flexible measuring tape. Facing your dog's face, you will need to measure her nose length. Place the tape on the top of her nose, half an inch below her eyes, stretching the tape all the way to the tip of her nose. This would give you the measurement of her nose length.

Next, you will need to measure the circumference of her snout. Also from the same point of half an inch below her eyes, wrap the tape around the nose to the mouth and back to the nose. Do not wrap it too tightly; in fact, place two fingers under the jaw area and include them in your measurements.

Apart from attaining your dog's nose length and circumference, it would help to find out her breed and weight, as some dog muzzles have a size guide on their packages that helps give an estimated size for the type of breeds and different weights. Nonetheless, the earlier specific measurements of your dog should be prioritized over these breed and weight size guides. Dogs can be uniquely different in their shapes and sizes, too.

A dog muzzle of the right size should be able to prevent the dog from biting anyone, yet, enables them space to pant. Be sure to get the right dog muzzle size for your dog to ensure the comfort of their noses. Having a comfortable muzzle not only helps them pay attention during training processes, it also makes sure that their wellbeing is not affected.

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