Choosing the Best Type of Pet Fish for Your Kids

Published: 22nd April 2010
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Many children are fascinated with pets especially with fish. They often have a small fishbowl or an aquarium in their homes and they do enjoy feeding them. Most often, they take care of a coldwater fish which one of the types of pet fish we have on the market. It is very important to remember though that regardless of the type of fish, sufficient space and adequate amount of water are of prime importance.

Basically there are two types of fish that can be considered pets namely the tropical kind and the coldwater kind. Although there are a number of fish types one can care for, the most popular types include barbs, goldfish, guppy, catfish and blood fin tetra. Barbs normally live in groups. Living alone can make them very aggressive and they require to be placed in a much secured aquarium. They have very pleasing appearance, very colorful and are quite active as well. The goldfish are the favorites of many kids and they now come in different varieties and colors as well. This type of pet fish requires a different kind of food to survive. On the other hand, guppies can multiply easily and have a life span of two years. They can likewise grow up to 5 centimeters and are quite slender. Cat fish also come in different types, sized and colors. Caring for them requires having a fairly large aquarium. The red-tailed ones should be isolated form the smaller ones are they can be extremely aggressive, too.

One of the kindest fish types is the blood fin tetra. They lime to live peacefully and they live for a long time as compared to other fish types. For beginners, this is the highly recommended type of fish to take care of. Taking care of fish is a good hobby and therapeutic for many, too.

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