Are there Compelling Reasons Why Did the US Enter the Vietnam War

Published: 19th May 2010
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Who would have thought that time that a country so far from Vietnam can be involved in the war happening to that country? Apparently, United States did.

The sole purpose why did the US enter the Vietnam War during that time was simply to help put an end to Communism. Although some would prefer to have the Communist system, the masses do not agree to be controlled under such government structure. At the same time, because it is natural for human to be greedy when given the chance, communism allows the leaders to be more affluent while the people works two times harder without receiving any incentive. This is what the Vietnamese were trying to have particularly during the 1950's up to 1960's.

Since 1949, the people in United States started to fear the rapidly spreading Communism in developing countries like them. The anti-communist senator in the state, Joseph McCarthy, led the people to hunt communists in United States. This was mainly because of the Red Scare influence.

In other parts of the world, when the World War II ended, there were so many countries that started to become slaves of the Communist system including China and other regions in Asia as well. However, this became a trend which was scattered in different nations including Africa and Latin America. This is when the involvement of US in Vietnam War was planned. The country felt that it must do something in order to restrain the spreading Communism around the globe. During the 1950, the U.N. allies of United States were already at war against Chinese and North Korean forces that were pushing Communism in their respective countries.

Because they were humiliated during the World War II, the French were also battling against the Vietnam at the same time. Apart from trying to regain their national pride, the French also fought Vietnam to maintain their country's colonial power as well. Unlike Americans, they were not really fighting to put an end to communism. However, the French pulled out their troops when they realized that the bloodshed is not at all worth it.

From then, United States decided that they would still continue the battle against the communists. With the aid of the South Vietnamese, who apparently are capitalists, they increased the number of their troops. They had an all-out war and deployed as much as 540,000 troops. The involvement of US in Vietnam War actually lasted until 1975.

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