An Introduction to Biological Computers

Published: 30th September 2010
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There are situations in the medical field where doctors and medical practitioners are unable to see within a patient without needing to use equipments that can view without emitting radiation.

In such instances, biological computers, which are a type of microcomputer, would be the best helpers a doctor can get. These little helpers are made out of RNA, which is a type of nucleic acid which function is to synthesize protein from amino acids; DNA, which is a type of nucleic acid that carries genetic information of the body; as well as proteins. This makes the microcomputer a safe method of surveying the insides of a patientís body, as the human body also consists of such proteins. If you are confused on how using something with DNA, RNA and some other proteins can be safe in a patientís body, read on.

Basically, these microcomputers are created inside a patientís body, where the doctor would supplement the body with necessary information that will create the computer. Then, as the patientís normal bodily cell processes occur, the computer will be created along with it. This means that the microcomputers share a patientís very own body cells, along with information that can be manipulated by certain calculations made by the doctors.

There are several advantages of biological computers. For one, these microcomputers can target specific cells that may be damaged, and treat only those cells, or in other words, is called selective cell treatment. This is due to its ability to carry on easy mathematical tasks, which allows the different biosensors to be created that is able to target only specific cells in the body and only execute specific instructions as set by the doctor. Because these microcomputers only targets cells that holds certain information, where for medical purposes would be the damaged cells, other healthy cells would not be affected or have side-effects to them. Thus, the healing process will be quickened.

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